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Daniel A. Zuppo Graduate Student

Daniel Zuppo


5062 Biomedical Science Tower 3
3501 Fifth Avenue


Dr. Michael Tsang


BS in Biology, Temple University, 2014


Areas of Interest

cardiac development and regeneration, tissue regeneration and engineering

Why I chose Pitt

I was initially very interested in the strong regenerative medicine program that spans several departments, and the interdisciplinary training was very appealing to me as my scientific interestes cover several fields.


Massinato MA, Saydmohammed M, Zuppo DA, Rao KS, Opie GW, Kuhn B and Tsang M. (2018) Dusp6 attenuates Ras/MAPK signaling to limit zebrafish heart regeneration. Development. 145: pii: dev157206. doi: 10.1242/dev.157206. |  View Abstract

Scimia M.C, Sydnes K.E, Zuppo D.A. and Koch W.J. (2014) Methods to improve cardiac gene therapy expression. Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 12: 1317-1326. |  View Abstract