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Shea Heilman Graduate Student

Shea Heilman


10047 Biomedical Science Tower 3
3501 Fifth Avenue


Dr. Jeff Gross


BS in Biology, Temple University, 2015


Areas of Interest:

Developmental Biology, Regenerative Medicine, Zebrafish Husbandry, Retinal Biology, Single-Cell RNA-Seq

Why I chose Pitt

The University of Pittsburgh is an excellent institution that supports strong expertise in the field of regenerative medicine. There are many groups at Pitt that study the developmental basis of disease and regeneration that use a wide range of approaches and model systems. I knew that I was interested in regenerative biology, so I came to Pitt to explore those research options. I also chose Pitt, because the community is very warm and welcoming, and Pittsburgh itself is a very nice place to live. 


Hartsough EJ, Weiss MB, Heilman SA, Purwin TJ, Kugel CH 3rd, Rosenbaum SR, Erkes DA, Tiago M, HooKim K, Chervoneva I, Aplin AE. 2019. CADM1 is a TWIST1-regulated suppressor of invasion and survival. Cell Death Dis. 10: 281. |  View Abstract

Capparelli C, Purwin TJ, Heilman SA, Chervoneva I, McCue PA, Berger AC, Davies MA, Gershenwald JE, Krepler C, Aplin AE. 2018. ErbB3 Targeting Enhances the Effects of MEK Inhibitor in Wild-Type BRAF/NRAS Melanoma. Cancer Res. 78: 5680-5693. [Epub ahead of print] |  View Abstract