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Victoria Veroli Graduate Student

Victoria Veroli


Magee Womens Research Institute
204 Craft Avenue


Dr. Judy Yanowitz


Master in Biotechnology, Universidad de la República (Uruguay), 2016

Bachelor in Biochemistry, Universidad de la República (Uruguay), 2014


Areas of Interest:

Chromatin and recombination and DNA damage

Why I chose Pitt

I chose the University of Pittsburgh because of the umbrella nature of the IBGP programm, which provided me with plenty of options to find the right lab. Another strong reason for my decision was the city of Pittsburgh itself, which I find lovely. 


Roy A, Veroli MV, Prasad S and Wang Q.J. 2018. Protein Kinase D2 Modulates Cell Cycle By Stabilizing Aurora A Kinase at Centrosomes. Mol Cancer Res. 16: 1785-1797. |  View Abstract

Munguía B, Teixeira R, Veroli M.V, Marín M and Domínguez L. 2018. Molecular analysis of benzimidazole-resistance associated SNPs in Haemonchus contortus populations of Uruguay. Veterinary Parasitology: Regional Studies and Reports. 13: 110-114. |  View Abstract

Munguia B, Teixeira R, Veroli V, Melian E, Saldana J, Minteguiaga M, Senorale M, Marin M and Dominguez L. 2017. Purification of native M. vogae and H. contortus tubulin by TOG affinity chromatography. Exp. Parasitol. 182: 37-44. |  View Abstract