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Jennifer Spengler Graduate Student

Jennifer Spengler


10050-14B Biomedical Science Tower 3
3501 Fifth Avenue


Dr. Jeff Gross


BS in Biology, Molecular Biology Option, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, 2015


Areas of Interest

I am interested in developmental biology, genetics, epigenetics and cell differentiation.


  • Pan-American Society of Evolutionary Developmental Biology 2015, Trunk neural crest cell specification and emigration in turtle embryos
  • Young Investigator Science Retreat 2016, In Vivo Analysis of Early Neuroblastoma Development Using Transgenic Quail
  • Society for Developmental Biology Midwest Regional Meeting 2016, In Vivo Analysis of Human Neuroblastoma Using an Embryonic Transgenic Quail 

Why I chose Pitt

I chose the University of Pittsburgh because of the wide array of labs working in fields that interested me, with many opportunities for diverse university wide collaborations.